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Living human beings are made up of not just the physical body that you see. There are also subtle bodies that exist within each of us. While many, particularly in the western world, see the body as a physical object; the real you is not the physical components. In other words you are not your physical body, you are the energy the flows through your body. There is an important difference and it makes sense of you think about it critically. Try this experiment.

·         Think about something very happy and exciting to you

·         Stand up and do a few jumping jacks and breath deeply

·         Smile big and pump your fists in the air a few times

·         Now think again about something that made you very happy


Now, notice how much different than you felt just moments ago. In just moments you were able to drastically change how you feel in a variety of ways. The catalyst to this transformation however was not something physical. It began with a thought. So often we believe that our physical condition determines how we feel. As you have just found out, many times your physical condition is determined by how you think.

Everything first begins with a thought

Exercising can certainly improve your physical body. But your body does not get up and go on its own. Yoga can be one of the best basic practices to introduce you to the powerful combination of mind and body working together in harmony. As you are reading this your thoughts are ultimately determining how you will react to what you are reading. Perhaps you have studied Yoga before and have actually felt the benefits it provides. On the other hand, perhaps you are skeptical and wondering if anything that I’m discussing with you is actually true. What is important to remember however is that the action you ultimately take will be determined by your thought. Very rarely does action proceed thought or contemplation.

This is a powerful realization that you must not take lightly. Too many people react to circumstances and feel powerless. As you noticed however in the previous exercise, you have the ability to dramatically change how you feel on a moments notice. You don’t have to wait for someone else. You don’t have to buy gadgets. There is nothing you need but your own mind because it is ultimately everything. Nothing else matters.

Coming to grips with your personal reality

For many people faith does not come easy. Religion can and has been used to manipulate others. Many people wonder what the point is of believing in a God or something bigger than themselves. But there is a truth that can set you free and erase your fear and doubts. That truth is that you create your own reality. You do it each and every day and each and every night. Unfortunately too many people feel that others control how they feel. They react to external stimulus for determining if they feel good or if they feel bad. Remember that nobody can MAKE you feel bad. They have to have your cooperation for that.

Think about the dreams you have

Specifically think back to a dream you had that felt entirely real. It’s not just what you see in your dreams. You can essentially experience nearly every sensation and emotion you would experience in the physical world. Yet it only exists in your mind. In western culture we so often dismiss dreams as not real. The reality however is that if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and eats like a duck… it must be a duck! Our minds model reality and give us the best possible interpretation. That interpretation is what allows you to have positive or negative experiences.

Taking Control of Your Mind

Unfortunately for us we never really learn in schools how to control our minds. Instead the goal is always to fill our minds with facts and trivia. The good news is you can learn to master your mind and be happy when you choose to be. You can be the creator of your reality simply by unleashing the potential to understand and control your thoughts. If you want to be happy, tell your mind to be happy.  Sounds simple doesn’t it. Well in many ways it is, and in other ways it is not. Nearly everyone reading this, myself included, often react to how we feel rather than taking control. In future articles I will get into detail on how to control your mind. The result is happiness and personal power you can’t possibly imagine.


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